Welcome to lead from the cross. I am excited that you have visited this site and I hope that you will be encouraged and grow in faith as you spend time here. I want to give you an idea on where I got the name of this blog. As a high school student I attended a leadership program called Student Leadership University.

During my first year I heard over and over that leadership begins at the feet of Jesus. As I think about that I ponder what it was that made me run to him. It was the cross. The God of the universe coming to die for me. As I think of the cross and what it means I realize that if we are going to lead with real leadership we must start at the cross. We must step into the world proclaiming the truth of the cross. No matter what your current position is, no matter your age, education, job or role in life, you can lead. You can make a difference in the life of others. It may be at home, church, Work, your community or maybe a friend. We can all lead and influence.

I hope that as you read these post you will learn a little and believe a little more. I hope you grow in faith and encouragement. As we walk together we will see what it means to be the light in the darkness and you can learn to lead like you never thought before. You will see how it all starts with the cross.


R C Hutson